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RC Salad

    • 9.50

Baby Spinach, Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella, Candied Bacon, Tomato Bruschetta, and a Balsamic Glaze

CD Salad

    • 9.50

Baby Spinach, Crumbled Feta, Dried Cranberries, Candied Walnuts, Blueberries, Strawberries, and a Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette

Kale Salad

    • 9.50

Baby Kale, Roasted Butternut Squash, Toasted Almonds, Dried Currants, Gogonzola, and an Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Caesar Salad

    • 9.50

Romaine Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Parmesan Cheese, Candied Bacon, Ciabatta Croutons, and a Creamy Caesar Dressing

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