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Pressed Chris and Rand

It all started at Johnson & Wales University where Rand and Chris met. They were both commuting from Delray Beach to Miami. During those long commutes they talked their school work and passion for cooking. In only a few short months they excelled to the top of their class, becoming the go-to guys to get things done.
Every Tuesday, the food trucks would set up on the campus at JWU and serve to all of the students. Chris and Rand fell in love with the idea of the food trucks, asking all of the owners questions every time they came out. In their heart they knew someday they would open up a food truck of their own.
Soon after, Rand became sous chef for a private chef. He was a private chef to celebrities in Miami. It only took one year for Rand to become the head chef, at the age of 22. One of the first things that he did was to make Chris his sous chef. Cooking together as private chefs was an unbelievable experience for the two of them. They were living half the year in Miami and the other half in New York City, while cooking for the rich and famous.
While in New York, Rand and Chris were living on their client’s mega-yacht. They were able to be part of the New York chef scene and learn from the best while using the best ingredients, no expenses spared. These were the years that they really perfected their craft and learned to work seamlessly in a kitchen together.
After three years of being private chefs they caught the entrepreneurial bug. They received so much praise for the food, from some of the most important people in the country. They knew they wanted to bring their food to the masses, but they didn’t quite know how to start a business. So, they left their comfortable jobs as private chefs to head to Chris’ family’s company, Uncle Giuseppe’s, an Italian supermarket chain. While at Uncle Giuseppe’s, Rand and Chris were taught the importance of food costs, business smarts, and the ability to scale larger while remaining consistent with the food throughout different locations.
So, they headed back to Florida to start their own business. The location of the first restaurant caused arguments, as they just weren’t sure where to put it. That was when they thought back to the food trucks would come to Johnson & Wales. They decided to start a food truck as a proof of concept and to find the best locations for the eventual restaurants to come. They called it Miami Press Gourmet Sandwiches Food Truck. The concept quickly took off, as the Miami Press Food Truck became one of the top trucks in South Florida. It was a dream for Chris and Rand to be able to serve their great food to the masses. They knew that if they used fresh and local ingredients and prepared the food to order that they would always have people wanting to eat their food.

While the truck was taking off, Rand got the opportunity to go on Food Network and compete in a reality competition cooking show. The show is called Food Truck Face Off, the show is a mix between The Great American Food Truck Race and Chopped. Rand the signature dish, the Mac’n Cheese Ball. He won the competition, bringing the spotlight to the Mac n’ Cheese Balls and the already well-known Miami Press Food Truck. The lines became even longer as their food truck became more and more popular by the day.
As the success out grew the food truck, Chris and Rand finally knew it was time to open up a Press Gourmet Sandwiches Restaurant. A fast-casual sandwich restaurant serving pressed sandwiches. All of the sandwiches made to order from fresh local ingredients and pressed on ciabatta bread until golden brown and crispy.
Press is not like your average sandwich shop, Rand and Chris know the importance of hospitality, and it shines though in every visit to the restaurant. From the “Welcome to Press” when you walk through the door, the cleanliness of the restaurant, all the way to the incredible menu that pairs the finest meats, cheeses, veggies, and sauces to make best sandwich you’ll ever have. Press puts all of the things together to make not just a meal, but an unforgettable experience.